MC ZULU - Talk Positive (Step One Remix) by Electro Reggae   3 years ago


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**LYRICS** (From MC ZULU - The Sacrament)
Blaze up The Sacrament people
Communication with the most high is the one thing that
we must seek inna this here time, you understand
Right now you're checking the vibes of the badman ZULU...
Whitelabel Menace, exclusive
Official version, anyway. Rudie can't fail. Spread The Word

Blaze it up The Ganja Vibes
Reach every corner inna your mind tonight
The Sacrament a go open your eyes
That's right

Cause anything you want to know
Big up the Kali cause the vibes dem ever show
And dem fi know seh anything you want to see
Give dem the culture with the roots reality
Get Free

Revelation a the reason fi the strife and all the rumors
of war, me seh the people choose it here
When the youth dem a go murder one another,
them put them hands together in a prayer to lucifer
Dem a kill for the religion everywhere now,
even moreso than the money, tell me how we spend the time?
Give the fool the opportunity to challenge him authority
you call it Revolution of the mind

When you're talking positive then you're underground
When you're talking negative well you're all around
If you know how fi do the dance then wake the town
Dance on the grave of the wicked man

Blaze it up The Ganja Vibes
Reach every house in your neighborhood tonight
The Sacrament a go give dem more sight
Oh I, hear that the news is on the street

They lost the shepherd and dem can't control the sheep
And when dem realize the words a spread around
Dem have the power and dem try fi hold we down
Hear sound

Father look upon the children that you make,
and see reflection of the past , and know the future tendency
What you give is what you get,
and what you get is what you take,
another reason fi go mind your family tree
Bless the woman, she go raise up all de youth dem,
and no man did deh fi give dem, what dem need to face the world
Happiness is when you know seh that the legacy you're
leaving, is a positive for all your boys and girls

When the woman want you wuk har, you jump around
Now she tell you there's a baby, you can't be found
Generations of a kingdom without a crown
Something like another singer without the sound

When the power of philosophy hits your mind
Emptiness a take up all of the space and time
Look around and see the world in a different light
Sacrament a grant you peace inna Jah Jah sight

Enemies never seem to multiply faster that when you
want to extend the olive branch
Stand firm Zulu Man no tell no lie, Just give the peace a chance

Rise up and take your stand / We're calling all the
fallen fighters again / They can't control your destiny, my friend
As long as we stand up together

Let me tell you,
The brutality / The pure poverty / The partiality
You know that can't work

Your mentality must change around

Blaze it up The Ganja Vibes
Reach every country inna the world tonight
The Sacrament a go teach them what's right
Hold tight, Because we fight against the strife

We got the message and you na control we life
And let me tell uno no matter what dem say
The binghi man a live to fight another day, Okay