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Micro Goal to a GREAT Workplace: Use Positive Words

Conor Cunneen is a Chicago based Irishman and genuinely professional motivational business speaker on Improving People, Performance and Productivity.

Now happily exiled in Chicago, where he says the Guinness is good, the natives are friendly and he has been force fed more corned beef and green beer than he ever had in Ireland.

TESTIMONIALS for this Inspirational Chicago Business Humorous Speaker

Snak King writes:
"I cannot find words for the testimonial. I am not able to adequately put into words how awesome you were when presenting to our sales force."

Nemschoff writes:
Conor, your ability to combine powerful Substance with Humor to our sales conference was—as one of our team stated—"Awesome."
The message of Goals, Attitude, Behavior is one that we will remember for a long time. It is a memorable and implementable concept that will help us achieve our challenging goals.
I also really appreciate the time you took to speak with our team members in preparation for your presentation."

This Chicago speaker has worked in senior sales and marketing executive who has worked in Ireland, UK and USA for companies as diverse as Heineken, Nokia and Unilever. This inspirational sales and marketing speaker provides compelling programs to improve people, performance and productivity.

MORE TESTIMONIALS for this Inspirational Employee Engagement Speaker
IAHC writes:
"We brought Conor in recently to do a training session on goals, attitudes, and behaviors with our staff at our medium-sized non-profit and had a wonderful experience.
A great combination of insight and entertainment, the session encouraged the team to bring a renewed sense of focus and commitment to their roles, to their development, and to the organization. The results in the months following have been significant. Look forward to having Conor back with us next year."

Barry and Fitzwilliam writes:
"Yes, I did tell you ,that you had the" graveyard shift" for our annual sales conference, but what a resurrection !
As I said to you on the day , you had them eating out of the palm of your hand within minutes . Most of the team at the conference thought that you spoke for about twenty minutes when actually it was over an hour (time flies when you are having fun) so well done on empowering them with enthusiasm."