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Whether you're going to Ireland or want to impress someone from the Old Sod, these words will come in handy. The trick is to master the pronunciation!

Step 1: Say hello
Give everyone you meet a pleasant, "Dia duit!" which means, "Good day!"

Step 2: Exchange pleasantries
Respond to a greeting of "Dia duit," with "Dia is Muire duit," which means "God and Mary to you."

Step 3: Be polite
Be polite by knowing how to say please – "le d'thoil" – and "thank you" – "go raibh maith agat."

Step 4: Know how to say "yes" and "no"
Know how to say "yes" – ta – and "no" – nil.

Step 5: Say "Cheers!"
Know how to say "Cheers!" in a pub; the word is "Slainte!"

To add good health wishes to your toast, say: "Slainte chugat."

Step 6: Say goodbye
Bid someone farewell with "slan."

Step 7: Know where the action is
If someone mentions "craic agus ceol," put on your dancing shoes: It refers to Irish nightlife involving music.

Did You Know?
The Irish alphabet, a variant of the Roman alphabet that developed in the 8th century CE, only has 18 letters.