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ed vs. ing Adjectives | EASY ENGLISH GRAMMAR

Are you bored, or boring? Interested in something, or interesting in something? Do you know what the difference is between adjectives which end -ed and and adjectives which end -ing?

An adjective is a describing word. Specifically, it's a word which describes a noun. What's important to remember is that nouns can be both concrete or abstract. So an adjective can describe something physical, but also something non-physical, like an emotion. That word, emotion, will be really important for us today, so let's make sure we understand it.
Emotions, or feelings, are our state of mind based on our situation, mood or relationships. They change regularly, depending on what's happening around us. Understanding that emotions are things we feel on the inside, and can be caused by external forces will make this lesson MUCH easier!

Emotions are often spelled ending with an 'ed'. The thing that causes the emotion? That ends with an 'ing'.

Watch the video to learn more about '-ed' and '-ing' adjectives!



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